– Enter The 3DS –

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ifQOJ2_FIz4 Well, the big weekend is right around the corner. Nintendo’s revolutionary new “glasses free” 3D hand-held will hit North American store shelves on Sunday and they’ve slapped together a fancy new commercial that I have to admit is pretty awesome. I really didn’t think anything could make me even more jealous of those with […]

Shock of Shocks, Nintendo is Making a New Super Mario Title for their New Video Game System.

Wow, never saw that one coming. President of Japan, Satoru Iwata announced today at Nintendo’s GDC keynote that the no-brainer platformer simply titled (at least for now) Super Mario is indeed on the way. Developed by the boys and girls who birthed Super Mario Galaxy and its sequel, the game will apparently be playable at […]