Holy FUCK, Mutant Mudds is the Best Use of 3D Graphics in a Game Since Wario Land for the Virtual Boy!

Nintendo’s been farting around with making retail game demos available on the 3DS eShop for a while now but Mutant Mudds marks the first time a download only title has been given the treatment. Developed by Renegade Kid (the badasses who created the DS first person shooters, Moon and Dementium: The Ward), MM follows the […]

There's a grassroots campaign to bring Godzilla back to video games. Said grassroots are likely to mutate and destroy Tokyo.

If there’s one thing I love as much as video games, it’s giant monster movies. There is something primal and innately satisfying about mutated dinosaurs, giant space aliens, and humongous robots going apeshit and knocking over skyscrapers while beating the hell out of each other. Unfortunately, there aren’t very many giant monster video games, and […]

Super Mario Bros.: Fun Video Game, or Mind-Bending Surrealist Masterpiece?

Ever stop and think about how strange the world of Super Mario Bros. is? Floating treasure chests, people with mushrooms for heads, eating mushrooms to change size, Waluigi… if you pull back and look at everything objectively, these games and characters we’ve grown to love over the years are all kind of batshit crazy. But […]

Punch-Out!! Lands on the 3DS eShop and I Couldn't Care Less.

And you know why? Because this NES classic is one of my favorite games of all time and Nintendo didn’t have the goddamn decency to give it the 3D classics treatment. Let’s see, so far Excitebike, Twinbee, Xevious, Kirby’s Adventure and Urban Champion (!?) make up the entire list of games available with a fancy […]