At Long Last, Donkey Kong World Record Holder Manages to Top His Own High Score.

Hank Chien, the plastic surgeon from Queens who famously knocked Billy Mitchell out of the top spot to nab the arcade Donkey Kong high score record for himself a while back has done it again. Topping his reigning high score to reclaim the title from himself, Chien hit 1,110,100 points and says he still has […]

5 Systems = The Top Five Nintendo Home Console Controllers Ever Made (So Far).

The shot above that leaked this past week supposedly reveals Nintendo’s finalized design for their upcoming Wii U controller. There aren’t really any drastic changes or anything from what was originally displayed at last year’s E3 but some subtle alterations have been made here and there that will hopefully help some of you nerds out […]

I've Made a Paper Mario Joke About Something Like This Before, I'm Sure.

httpv:// We aren’t responsible in any way for the work that went into this awesome video but I did stumble across it while browsing the internet today and if you didn’t know already: This site is all about sharing. Just ignore the dipshit in the second half.

The Post in Which I Write in an Obscure Reference When Discussing Today's Rayman Origins 3DS Demo Availabilty With the Intention of Further Alienating The Few Readers This Site Has Accumulated.

There was this video game character I grew up with. I sorta looked up to him, you know. We did our first work together, worked our way through several titles. Things were good, we made the most of it. During the N64 era, we collected lums in 3D for the first time… made a fortune, […]