I Tried to Figure Out a Way to Make A Funny Headline Out of R.O.B. the Robot and a Certain Popular Styx Song. I Have Both Succeeded and Failed.

Blogspot user, Jed Henry is currently hard at work translating Nintendo’s icons into these Gorgeous Japanese Traditional Woodblock Prints. As you can see above, his rendition of a certain stubborn monkey and a man who enjoys jumping is quite impressive. But what other popular video game franchises have received the treatment? Well why don’t you […]

Nintendo Plans On 3D-itifying Another Classic Zelda Game. But Which ONE?

Well, if a quote made by Shigeru Miyamoto to IGN.com (and no doubt taken out of context) is to be believed, Nintendo still isn’t quite sure. Apparently right now the answer is a toss up between remaking the SNES classic Link to the Past or Nintendo 64’s criminally underrated Majora’s Mask (which really should have […]