Nintendo Power In Memoriam: July/August 1988 – December 2012.

*Cough* “Thank you all. Please be seated. *Ahem*. Ladies and gentlemen, like many of you here today I came across Nintendo Power at a very young age. For me personally, it was the third grade and I was eight years old when I first heard whispers of a magazine that was all about Nintendo and […]

Thursday's Download: Mario Wraps Up Nintendo's "Month of Mario" With You Guessed It: A Couple of Mario Games.

And this week’s temporary price drop goeeesss tooooo….Mario’s Picross!(?) To be honest, this choice immediately struck me as kind of odd when I read that it’d been included in Nintendo’s month-long build up to New Super Mario Bros. 2. I wondered what the hell these guys were smoking placing a generic puzzler alongside some of […]

Nintendo Reveals Complete List of Portable Games to Shut Your Stupid Kid Up With This Holiday Season.

And yes due to the fact that apparently a new home console (?) will be debuting sometime before the end of year, unfortunately some highly anticipated titles have been pushed back to 2013 to accommodate the launch. Basically what I’m saying is that we won’t be playing Luigi’s Mansion: Dark of the Moon in time […]

Thursday's Download: That Mario Game With the Rabbit Ears Is Dirt Cheap Right Now.

Speaking of “limited time only” deals, Super Mario’s second portable adventure has been marked down to just $2.99 for a uh…well for a limited time. Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins is certainly a highlight in Mario’s adventures across any console featuring some truly odd yet predictably fun level design that any fan of […]