This Very Merry Nintendo Christmas Commercial From 1989 is Sure to Bring Some Warmth to Your Crooked Little Heart.

A MASSIVE thanks to Matt over at Mummy Shark for sharing this on his tumblr page today. Overlooking the fact that this is an advertisement for Pepsi instead of Coca-cola, I’d say that everything happening during these 31 seconds is just about perfect. I can’t believe I’d never seen this before or if I did, […]

R.I.P. Hiroshi Yamauchi (November 27, 1927 – September 19, 2013)

This is truly terrible news for those of us who grew up loving the company this man transformed from a playing card/toy manufacturer into the video game juggernaut it was before the Wii U launched. Due to complications with pneumonia and not seppuku as early reports suggested, the retired president of Nintendo passed away today […]

Well, the Good News is that I Now Own a Sweet Bootleg Mario Bank Straight Outta Mexico…

…but the bad is that it’s the kind that needs to be broken if you want to get back whatever you put into it. I smell a nerdy ass garden gnome on the horizon. Look at those crazy fingers!

60 Years Ago Today, This World Became a Better Place.

And here at the List we all wish our beloved creator of Mario, Link, Pikmin and of course, Wii Music Shigeru Miyamoto a truly wonderful birthday. Just think: By the time the next presidential election rolls around the guy will actually turn 64!

Thursday's Download: A Couple of VC Games Make the Cut to Truly Terrify!

Why thank you so much Nintendo for giving gamers two Halloween worthy downloads to choose from today! Unfortunately neither of them are very good but hey…we sure appreciate the gesture. First up is Castlevania: The Adventure which was originally released for the Game Boy way back in 1989. Simon Belmont’s Grandaddy Christopher leads the charge […]

Halloween 2012 (Video): I Hope You Don't Feel Like You Need to Sleep Any Time Soon.

Featuring an uncomfortable amount of K’s, King Koopa’s Kool Kartoons was a real thing that happened briefly in the early 90’s on local channels across Southern California. In it, some smelly old alcoholic dressed in a Bowser costume would violate his parole by hanging out with a bunch of kids, showing the little tikes cartoons […]

Today will be a day long remembered. It has seen the death of Shigeru's List, and will soon see the end of the Nintendorks.

Well that isn’t a very nice attitude to have now is it 8-Bit Vader? The truth is that me and my pals here at the List have been invited to help put the final nail in the coffin provide our old friends over at with our invaluable insight and expertise on all things Nintendo […]

The Long-Lost "Pie Factory" Stage From the Original Donkey Kong is Now Available for the Low, Low Price of Just $29.99!!

“Holy, Shi-moly, how can I get in on this sweet deal!?” I hear you scream at your computer monitor. Well, it’s fairly easy: If you’re a Club Nintendo member, simply pony up the first born male in your bloodline as a ritualistic sacrifice to Beelzebub any time before January 6th and wait, WHOA. Yeah I […]