It's All Mario Kart 8 All the Time Up in HURR!

You know what? To Hell with an official review of Mario Kart 8. I’d been writing that thing on and off since the game’s release date and I just can’t look at it anymore. Long story short: I LOVE this fucker, and outside of tending to very basic survival behavior it is all I do anymore. All cups have been three starred, all ghostly time trial records shattered and plenty of ass-whipping has been administered and received online. So to inject a little life into Shigeru’s List here (which I have big plans for soon), I’ve decided to share with you some of my favorite personal highlight reels from the past couple of months.


Also, in case you missed it I recently posted impressions of those awesome Mario Kart 8 toys currently gracing McDonald’s Happy Meals all over the country. Click this to hop on over to Nintendorks for the full article!

Ray Gabriel

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