Oh Hey, I Have This Site Too! Please Enjoy Some Nintendo-Related Information:


Hideous kid faces aside, this clip from some show I’ve never heard of and will never watch definitely hits some serious nostalgia buttons. It can’t possibly come as a surprise to the three of you that frequent this site that yours truly has an undying affection for Punch-Out!! (specifically in its original arcade incarnation). As a young boy, I used to play the Hell out of the cabinet that was tucked away in my hometown Chuck E. Cheese. I just hope I didn’t have the same Godawful expression plastered across my mug. There are some other nice touches to this scene that includes plenty of familiar (to old people) games but I’m going to go ahead and call out one massive oversight about the set design here. What’s up with that carpet? That shit should be covered in unidentifiable stains and cigarette burns. Oh and it should be solar system themed as well, I mean come on.

Yes, I’m back. You can finally relax already.

Ray Gabriel

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